We at the Laundry Lounge are always concerned about the health and well being of our customers and our employees.  In this difficult and rapidly changing environment, it is our intent to stay open and continue to offer both self service and wash & fold laundry services, as well as dry cleaning.  With that in mind:

Cleaning and sanitizing your clothes and bedding is always healthy.  To attempt to ensure a safe environment, we are doing the following:

Using a Commercial Sanitizer, we are sanitizing all customer and employee touch points on a regular basis throughout the day.  This includes the doors and selection button area on all washers and dryers, change machines, front counters, bathrooms, door handles, tables and chairs.

Employees will be required to wear latex gloves when handling customer clothing dropped off for wash and fold service

As is normal, employees are encouraged to wash their hands often throughout their shift

We make every attempt to keep our coin inventory clean; however we cannot guaranty that they are germ free.  Please wash your hands after you load and start the machines.

Please keep in mind:

If you are sick, or someone in your family is sick, please stay home per government guidelines

If you have underlying health issues, please stay home per government guidelines

If you are a member of one of the high risk groups, please stay home per government guidelines

If you are unable to come in to do your laundry, for whatever reason, please call any of our locations and we will attempt to arrange for  pick up and delivery, utilizing our excellent Wash and Fold service.

Just a reminder, we never intermingle customers clothes while performing wash and fold.  Your clothes are only washed and dried with your clothes.

Thank you for your patience and your patronage. Please stay healthy, and as always, let us know if we can do anything for you.




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